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Prepare the firefighters

In the previous lesson, you created and assigned hydrant inspection assignments. In this lesson, you are a fire captain with the San Diego Fire Department. You've already worked with the city's GIS administrator to get a Workforce project to manage hydrant inspections. Now you're ready for the firefighters to go out in the field and start their inspections. Before they go, you need to make sure that they have the devices and accounts they need to be successful. You'll also make sure that they have Navigator set up with the correct map.


Mobile workers need permission to edit the feature services to work with Workforce. To use Navigator, their accounts need to be provisioned with a Navigator license. If they don't have access to Navigator, they can still use Workforce to manage their inspection work.

Download and sign in to the apps

Your mobile workers need to have Workforce for ArcGIS and Navigator for ArcGIS on their mobile devices. You'll download the apps for them and sign in with their accounts to ensure that the firefighters can successfully open the project in the field. They don't need to use the same platform: you could have a firefighter on an Android phone, another on an iPad, and yet another on an iPhone or Android tablet.

  1. Install the apps. If your account isn't licensed for Navigator for ArcGIS, install Workforce for ArcGIS.

    If the firefighter is using an iPhone or an iPad, install from the App Store.

    If the firefighter is using an Android phone or tablet, get the apps on Google Play.


    If you aren't reading this on your mobile device, use the App Store or Google Play and search for Workforce for ArcGIS and Navigator for ArcGIS. They are published by Esri.

  2. Sign in to each app using the ArcGIS organizational account assigned to the firefighter.

    For the purposes of this lesson, it's okay to sign in with the same account that you used to create the Workforce project. However, you could sign in as any user that you added to your project as a mobile worker.

Download the map for Navigator

When the firefighters are ready to get to an assignment, they can get a route by opening Navigator from an assignment in Workforce. Navigator can show, search for, and route to the same assets that you put into the maps used by Workforce. To use your assets, you need to create a navigation map and share it through your organization. For this lesson, you'll use a map that has been created for you and shared publicly.

  1. In Navigator, search for the San Diego with Fire Hydrants (Learn) map.

    Pull down to expose the search box on an iPhone or iPad.

  2. Select the map and download it to your device.
  3. Open the downloaded map.

    Navigator uses its currently open map to generate the route for assignments.

    This navigation map was created for use in this lesson by using the StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Desktop HERE network dataset and adding the fire hydrants.


    If you were to follow this lesson with your own data, you'd need to create your own navigation map. To learn how this package was made and shared, see the Add assets exercise in the Navigator help—it takes you through creating the same map.

  4. Find, download, and open another map that includes your current GPS location. This might be a map containing your state, or your country, or a map that your organization has created and uses.

    In this lesson, you'll complete inspections pretending to be a member of the San Diego Fire Department. However, if you are outside the San Diego area, using a map of San Diego in Navigator won't show you how Navigator really works. Navigator uses the last open map when routing through Workforce. Downloading and opening a map containing your current location will give you a more realistic experience in Navigator.

Open the Workforce project

You already added the firefighters as mobile workers in your Workforce project, so they can now open the project on their devices.

  1. Open Workforce on your mobile device.
  2. Open the Hydrant Inspections project that you created for these inspections.

    The next time the firefighter opens Workforce, this project will open automatically.

In this lesson, you set up the firefighters with the apps and maps they need on their devices, preparing them to go into the field and begin their inspections. In the next lesson, you'll go out in the field as a firefighter and complete hydrant inspections.