Begin a survey

You'll use ArcGIS Survey123 Connect to build a digital survey for a technology store franchise. ArcGIS Survey123 has three components that work together so you can build, conduct, and analyze your survey.

  • Survey123 Connect—A program on your computer that you use to build the survey
  • Survey123 mobile app—A mobile app for phones and tablets used to conduct the survey
  • Survey123 website—A website portal that compiles your results and provides an analytics report

The franchise Super Tech Now has asked you to create a digital survey to gather information about their customer base. Specifically, they're interested in the age demographic that shops most frequently at their stores and the online preferences of these customers. Their hope is that by reaching out to the largest relevant audience, they will maximize their return on investment from future marketing campaigns.

Super Tech Now's first priority is to determine the typical age range of their customers. Then, they want to find out which of the five most popular social media websites their customers visit. For customers who do not use social media, the franchise would like to know which of the three most popular search engines they use most often. This information will help corporate marketing make decisions on where to purchase advertisement space.

To see the questions the company wants to ask, you can download a Word document that contains the complete set of survey questions. (The steps in the lessons also include this information.)

Start building your survey

First, you'll open ArcGIS Survey123 Connect and become familiar with the built-in Excel table called the XLSForm spreadsheet, which will be the foundation of your survey. Later, you'll add survey questions and responses to the XLS spreadsheet.

  1. Open ArcGIS Survey123 Connect.

    If you don't have ArcGIS Survey123 Connect, you can download it from the Survey123 product page. Under Survey123 Connect desktop app, download the installer for the appropriate operating system. Run the installer and follow its steps to install the program.

  2. Click New survey.

    The New Survey window appears.

    In this window, you can name the survey and choose either an advanced or basic design template. With the advanced template, you have significantly more options for customizing your customer sentiment survey. The basic survey allows you to set up questions and answers but with fewer options for changing the appearance and behavior of your survey.

  3. For Title, type Super Tech Now Customer Survey.

    Survey title

  4. Under Select an initial XLSForm design, choose Advanced Template (it may be chosen by default).

    Initial XLSForm design

  5. Click Create survey.

    The ArcGIS Survey123 Connect window updates to a blank survey preview page. Additionally, a preformatted XLS spreadsheet opens.


    If the spreadsheet does not open or closes accidentally, you can reopen it. On the toolbar on the left side of the ArcGIS Survey123 Connect window, click the XLSForm button.

    You'll create the majority of your survey in the XLS spreadsheet. The first three columns in the survey are used to create the questions in the survey. These columns are frozen, which means that they appear on the spreadsheet no matter where you scroll. By default, these frozen columns may be covering other columns in the sheet. You can access the other columns with the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

    XLSForm spreadsheet first three columns

    • In the type column, you can choose individual question and answer formats. Each question can result in different types of answers. For example, a question can be defined by time, date, location, number, text, notes, calculation, a bar code scan, signature, email, or a list of options.
    • In the name column, you can define a unique field name for each question to store responses to that question in the survey database. To differentiate between each question in the survey, these field names must be unique and contain no spaces.
    • In the label column, you can provide the question that should appear in the survey.

    You can use the remaining columns to change the survey interface, question and answer behaviors, calculations, response constraints, and so on. You can also add audio and images. The four tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet provide additional functionality and supporting information for you to build the survey.

    XLSForm spreadsheet tabs

    • The survey tab is where you add the questions and customization for the survey.
    • The choices tab is where you define the potential responses to the questions in the survey. The first time you click this tab, the page contains default examples of how the page works. Entries on this page are the connection between the questions on the survey page and the potential responses that require more than one option.
    • The settings tab is where you change the title, ID, and submission URL of the survey.
    • The Field types tab is where you can find a reference guide to various types and features you can add to your survey.

    Your client has given you the paper version of their marketing survey, which you looked at when you began this lesson. Next, you'll re-create the survey in an XLSForm spreadsheet.

Create survey questions

Now that you've become familiar with the XLS spreadsheet, you'll start adding the questions that you'll ask in your survey. You'll preview the survey as you add questions, notes, and parameters.

  1. In the XLS spreadsheet, if necessary, click the survey tab. Delete any example text from the cells.
  2. In the first two rows of the label column, type the following questions:
    • What is the date?
    • What is your age?

    XLSForm date and age label text

  3. In the name column, type the following identifiers in the first two rows (use lowercase):
    • survey_date
    • age

    XLSForm date and age name column text

    Next, you'll choose the type of question from a list of options. For the date question, you'll choose a question type that stores answers in a date format.

  4. In the type column, in the row that contains the date question, choose date from the list of possible values.

    XLSForm type list

    For the age question, you could choose a question type that stores answers in an integer format. However, your client has requested the answers be stored in a series of age ranges. You'll choose the select_one list_name option, which allows the survey participant to choose one option out of several provided (in contrast, the select_multiple list_name option allows the participant to choose multiple options).

  5. In the row that contains the age question, click the menu and choose select_one list_name.

    XLSForm add select_one list_name

    The cell value select_one list_name also appears in the formula bar above the table (the formula value displays the content of the selected cell). You'll edit the formula bar to change the default list_name to a more descriptive name that will describe the list of answer options.

  6. In the formula bar, change select_one list_name to select_one age.

    XLSForm change type for age

    Next, you'll create the list of age options for survey participants to choose from. To create the list, you'll use the choices tab.

  7. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, click the choices tab.

    XLSForm choices tab

    The choices tab has some default examples for list choices. You'll replace these examples with age ranges of 10 years.

  8. Highlight and delete the default examples so that you have a blank sheet to start your list.

    The choices tab and survey tab have some column headings with similar or identical names. However, these columns generally refer to different things for each tab. For instance, the survey tab's name column is the unique ID for the question, while the choices tab's name column is the unique ID for the answer. Similarly, the choices tab's label column is the answer presented to the survey participant. The last important column is the list_name column, which refers to the unique ID of the question to be answered. You want the answers to be for the age question, so you'll use its ID (which you can find in the name column of the survey tab).

  9. In the list_name column, in the first row, type age.

    Next, you'll add the first option to the age question.

  10. In the name column, in the first row, type under_10 (lowercase and with an underscore).
  11. In the label column, in the first row, type Under 10.

    XLSForm choices tab start age options

    The remaining answers to this question represent intervals of 10 years.

  12. In the rows below the first answer, add the following remaining answers:




    Under 10



    11 to 20



    21 to 30



    31 to 40



    41 to 50



    51 to 60



    61 to 70



    Over 70

  13. On the ribbon, click File and click Save.

Preview the survey

You've added the first two questions to your survey. Before you continue, you'll check what the survey looks like to determine if you need to make any changes.

  1. Minimize or close the XLS spreadsheet.
  2. If necessary, return to the Survey123 Connect window.

    Survey123 Connect page first preview date and age

    The Survey123 Connect window has automatically updated to show a preview of the survey thus far. It's looking pretty good, but you can adjust certain elements of the appearance and behavior of the survey. The date question appears as a menu with calendar options. However, to save time, you can automatically populate the response with the date that each survey is conducted. The age question appears as a list of choices from which the participant can pick one answer. The options for age appear in a vertical list, but this creates a lot of empty space in your survey. To maximize the screen space, you can change a parameter for potential responses to display horizontally.

Change how questions display and behave

Now that you have your first questions and responses in the survey, you'll change their behavior and display format on the survey interface.

  1. If necessary, open your Super Tech Now XLSForm spreadsheet.
  2. Click the survey tab. In the row for date, scroll to the right until you reach the default heading (Column J). Type today().

    XLSForm survey tab change date default parameter

    The default column allows you to have a response already populated in the field. Because you can assume the survey is being conducted on that day, there's no need for the participant to choose a different date.

    The appearance column is a setting for how the question and responses will appear to the participant. To maximize screen space, you'll change the appearance of the age question to horizontal.

  3. In the row for age, in the appearance column, click the menu and choose horizontal.

    XLSForm survey tab change age appearance

  4. Save the spreadsheet.
  5. Minimize the spreadsheet and preview the survey again.

    Survey preview appearance

The date question automatically shows the current date, and the answers to the age question are arranged horizontally.

Perform a calculation

Previously, you added some basic questions to your survey, as well as optional responses for the participant to choose from. Your client wants to understand more about how much time each age group is spending on their computers and mobile devices. This information will help them determine where to spend money on advertising when trying to reach their largest demographic. To do this, you'll ask the user to provide how many hours a day they spend using these products. The survey will calculate the total time per day that users spend in front of a screen.

Add notes to your survey

Before having the participants answer questions about how much time per day they spend on their computer and mobile device, you'll add a series header and brief definition of daily screen time. You'll accomplish this task with a note that provides the participant some context for the next set of questions. First, you'll add a row for the note's title. Then, you'll add another row for the note text.

  1. If necessary, open your Super Tech Now Customer Survey.
  2. In the Super Tech Now XLSForm spreadsheet, click the survey tab.
  3. In the next empty row, under the type column, click the cell to open the menu and choose note.

    To make the note appear as a title for the next series of survey questions, you'll format the text alignment and font color. To format labels for items in a survey, you'll use HTML tags.

  4. For the note row, under the column label, copy and paste the following HTML tags:

    <center><font color = 'green'>Daily Screen Time</font></center>

    Screen time note row

    Next, you'll add a short explanation for this series of questions.

  5. In the next empty row, under the type column, click the cell to open the menu and choose note.
  6. In the label column, copy and paste the following text (which includes HTML tags for changing the font):

    <font size=1><i>"Screen time" is a term used for the total number of hours spent on your computer and mobile device in a typical day.</i></font>

  7. Select the two cells under the label column with HTML code and on the ribbon, on the Home tab, click the Wrap Text button to view the full HTML tag.

    Wrap text for cells with HTML

  8. Expand the column width if necessary.

    Label column adjusted so entire HTML code is visible

  9. Save and minimize the spreadsheet.
  10. Preview the note in ArcGIS Survey123 Connect.

    Survey123 Connect preview

    The Daily Screen Time series of questions now has a heading and explanation to help the participant understand what information is being asked of them.

Ask for integer responses

Next, you'll add some additional questions asking how much time the participant spends using their computer and mobile device.

  1. In the next two empty rows of the XLS spreadsheet, add the following information:

    type columnname columnlabel column



    How many hours a day do you spend on your computer?



    How many hours a day do you spend on your mobile device?

    Integer rows added for computer and mobile_device

  2. Use Wrap text and adjust the columns until you can see the entire question for each row.

    It's unlikely, if not improbable, that the sum of these questions would be more than 48 (a response of 24 hours for both questions). Next, you'll restrict the answers to two digits. The field bind::esri:fieldLength is the column where you can restrict the number of integers entered for a response.

  3. Scroll to the right until you reach the bind::esri:fieldLength column (Column U). For both questions, type 2.

    Use the bind column to restrict integer length.

    You now have the questions in place to collect the number of hours a participant spends using their computer and mobile device per day.

Add a calculation for total screen time

Next, you'll add a calculation that will determine the total screen time based on the participant's responses to the two questions. The total screen time will display as the participant submits their answers.

  1. In a new row, add the following label, name, and type:
    • typeinteger
    • nametotal_screen_time
    • labelTotal Screen Time
  2. Scroll to the calculation column (Column K) and copy and paste the following equation:

    int(${computer}) + int(${mobile_device})

    The formula uses dollar signs to refer to the integers from the responses to the computer and mobile device questions. It then adds the integers together to determine total screen time.

    XLSForm with a calculation for sum of computer and mobile usage

  3. Save and minimize the spreadsheet.
  4. Preview the survey in Survey123 Connect.

    Survey123 Connect third survey preview

  5. Test your survey by filling in responses as though you were the participant.

    The sum of the screen time calculation automatically updates when hours are added to those two questions.

    Survey123 Connect perform test survey

You've added another series of questions that delve deeper into the behaviors of your client's customers. Super Tech Now can use this information to determine which age categories visit their stores most often and how much time they generally spend online. These questions are the first step to defining the profile of their prime customer base and to whom they should be marketing.

Add dynamic responses

Previously, you created a series of questions where the responses were used in a calculation. The final question in the survey will determine if the participant has an active account on social media. If the answer is yes, a relevant question is revealed to determine which social media site they use most often. If the answer is no, a relevant question is revealed to determine which search engine they use most often.

Ask questions with conditional responses

Your client wants to allocate the majority of its advertising budget to the most popular social media site among its prime audience. The remainder of the budget will be put toward the search engine most commonly used by participants who don't use social media. To determine the appropriate social media sites and search engines, the survey's next question asks the participant to choose whether they have a social media account. When one of the options is selected, a follow-up question relevant to the original answer is revealed. To trigger this action, you'll enter an expression in the relevant column.

  1. If necessary, open the Super Tech Now Customer Survey. In the XLS spreadsheet, click the survey tab at the bottom and add the following information to the next empty row (you can expand the size of the row to see the entire question if it doesn't fit):
    • typeselect_one account
    • namesocial_media_account
    • labelDo you currently maintain an account on a social media site or app?
    • appearanceminimal

    The appearance column displays options in a pull-down menu.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click the choices tab. Add the following information in the specified rows:
    • Row 11
      • list_nameaccount
      • nameyes
      • labelYes
    • Row 12
      • list_nameaccount
      • nameno
      • labelNo

    Account option rows

  3. Save the spreadsheet.
  4. Preview your work in Survey123 Connect.

    Survey123 Connect fourth survey preview

    If the participant chooses Yes, you want to know which social media site or app they use most often. If the participant chooses No, you want to know which search engine website they use most often. You'll also add an icon for each of the social media and search engine options.

  5. In the XLS spreadsheet, return to the survey tab. Add the following question to the next empty row (expand the row if necessary):
    • typeselect_one yes
    • namesocial_media_yes
    • label:—Which of the following social media websites or apps do you visit most often?
    • appearancehorizontal
    • relevant${social_media_account}='yes'

    The expression in the relevant column is using the dollar sign to trigger this follow-up question when the Yes option is selected.

Add icons for social media options

For the next set of choices, you'll add image icons to go with the different social media and search engine sites. Additionally, you'll add a question that asks for the participant's ZIP Code.

  1. Download the folder of icons.
  2. Extract the folder to a location of your choice. Select all eight of the images inside it.
  3. Right-click the selected images and choose Copy.
  4. In Survey123 Connect, on the vertical toolbar, click the Files button.

    Files button.

    A window appears showing the contents of the Super Tech Now Customer Survey folder.

  5. Double-click the media folder to open it. In the media folder, paste the icons.

    Social media icons in downloaded folder.

  6. If necessary, open your XLS spreadsheet. At the bottom of the page, click the choices tab.
  7. Add the following information to rows 14 through 18:

    list_name name label image






















    The file name that you place in the image column must exactly match the file saved in your project media folder. All of the files have the .png extension.

    Social media option rows

    Next, you'll add the options for search engines if the user answers that they do not maintain an account on a social media site or app.

  8. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, click the survey tab and add the following information to the next available row (expand the row if necessary):
    • typeselect_one no
    • namesocial_media_no
    • labelWhich of the following search engine websites do you visit most often?
    • appearancehorizontal
    • relevant${social_media_account}='no'

    Additional question row for a no answer on the social media account question

  9. Click the choices tab and add the following information to rows 20 through 22:














    Search engine option rows

    Lastly, you'll add a question to determine the user's ZIP Code. This question will allow your client to derive geographic information from survey participants, which can be used to find spatial or regional trends.

  10. Click the survey tab and add the following information to the next available row:
    • typeinteger
    • namezipcode
    • labelWhat is your ZIP code?

    ZIP Code question

  11. Save the spreadsheet and preview your survey in Survey123 Connect.
  12. Answer Yes to the social media question.

    Survey123 Connect fifth survey preview

  13. Change the answer to the social media question to No.

    Survey preview with search engines

You've created a survey that Super Tech Now can use to build their customer profiles and marketing strategy.

Complete your survey

Previously, you added the final questions to your survey. Your survey is almost complete, but currently, the title of your survey is Survey title not set. You'll change the title and add a thumbnail image that represents your survey on the mobile app. It's also good practice to add a short summary about the survey and a longer description about the survey goals and benefit to the participant. Once you've added these final elements, you'll publish your survey.

Add a title

The title you created at the beginning of the lesson applied to the entire project. However, you may have noticed that the title at the top of your survey still says Survey title not set. This title is what the participant will see on the survey interface, so you'll change it to something more appropriate.

  1. If necessary, open your survey. In the XLS spreadsheet, click the settings tab.
  2. Under form_title, change Survey title not set to Super Tech Now Customer Survey.
  3. Under form_id, type customer_survey.

    XLSForm settings tab change survey title

  4. Save your spreadsheet.
  5. Preview your survey.

    A more appropriate title now appears at the top of the survey interface.

Add a thumbnail

Next, you'll add a thumbnail image to represent your survey.

  1. Download this thumbnail image as a .png file. Name the image Super Tech Now Customer Survey and save it to a location on your computer that you can easily access.

    The name of the image must exactly match the name of the survey on ArcGIS Survey123, and the dimensions should be 200 pixels by 133 pixels.

    Download and name thumbnail image

  2. In Survey123 Connect, below the survey, click Details.

    Details tab

  3. Click the default thumbnail (a clipboard).

    Survey123 Connect General tab default thumbnail

    The Select an image window opens, allowing you to browse your files for an image to use as the thumbnail.

  4. Browse to the Super Tech Now Customer Survey.png image and double-click it to add it as the thumbnail.

    Survey123 Connect General tab new thumbnail

    Next, you'll add a summary and description of the survey.

Add a summary and description

Adding a summary and description can help participants of your survey understand what it is and why the survey is being conducted.

  1. For Summary, copy and paste the following text:

    This is a marketing survey for collecting information about our customers.

  2. For Description, copy and paste the following text:

    This survey helps us to better understand the online preferences of our customer base. The information will assist us in making the most efficient decisions for where we should focus our marketing efforts.

    Survey123 Connect General tab change summary and description

  3. On the vertical toolbar, click the Update button.

    Update survey from XLSForm spreadsheet button

    Your survey now has all of the questions your client wanted to ask the participants and all of the parameters needed to make the survey look the way you want. The survey is ready to be published to your mobile app so you can start to conduct surveys.

Publish your survey

Now that your survey is complete, you'll publish it to the ArcGIS Survey123 mobile app to share with your client.

  1. In the Survey123 Connect window, on the vertical toolbar, click the Publish button.

    Survey123 Connect share survey button

  2. If prompted, sign in to your ArcGIS organizational account.

    A window opens, warning you that you may not be able to change your survey after it's published without losing data. You've already previewed your survey to make sure it appears the way you want, so you'll ignore this warning.

  3. Click Publish survey.

    Survey123 Connect Publish Survey window and button

    A window opens to show the publishing progress. After a few moments, it informs you that the publishing is completed.

  4. Click OK to finish publishing.

    The survey is complete and ready to start collecting data. However, you'll need to set up a survey group in your ArcGIS organization, share the survey to that group, and add any members who will be conducting surveys so that they can access and contribute data to the survey.

Create a survey group

To allow employees to access, conduct, and contribute survey results, you'll create a survey group in your ArcGIS organization. You'll share the survey to the group and add any members that have been assigned to gather data to the group so that they can download the survey. Any members tasked with conducting the survey must have an ArcGIS user account. Using an ArcGIS group to deliver the survey means you can invite members within or external to your organization.

  1. Go to ArcGIS Online or your organization's portal and, if necessary, sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  2. On the ribbon at the top of the page, click Groups.

    Groups tab

  3. Click Create group.
  4. In the Create a group window, for Group Name, type Super Tech Now Customer Sentiment Survey.
  5. Click Upload image and Browse. Browse to and select the same thumbnail image that you used for your survey.

    The recommended size for group image thumbnails is 400 pixels by 400 pixels, but for the purposes of your group, the survey thumbnail will suffice.

  6. Click OK.
  7. For Summary, copy and paste the following text:

    This is a marketing survey for collecting information about our customers.

  8. Add the following for Tags (press Enter between each tag to add them):

    Super Tech Now, Survey123, Customer Sentiment

  9. Set Who can view this group to Only group members.
  10. Click Save.

    The new group is created. The item page for your new group appears.

  11. On the item page, for Description, click Edit. Copy and paste the following text:

    Customer sentiment survey to gather data about technology and social media behaviors and preferences, in order to develop a marketing campaign that most effectively serves and targets our customer base.


    To paste text without formatting, press Ctrl+Shift+V.

  12. Click Save.
  13. On the ribbon, click the Members tab. Click Invite users.

    Invite users button

    The Invite Users window opens.

  14. Search for and select any users that will be conducting the survey. When you're finished inviting users, click Add members to group.

    For the purpose of this exercise, if you have colleagues, fellow students, or friends with a user account, try adding them to your survey group. If you are doing this lesson individually, you can skip the step of adding other users.

  15. On the ribbon, click Content.

    Content tab

    On the left side of My Content, a new folder has been created. The name of the folder is Survey-Super Tech Now Customer Survey.

  16. Click the Survey-Super Tech Now Customer Survey folder.

    Within the survey folder, three items have been automatically generated: a web map, a form, and a feature layer.

    Web map, form, and feature layer

    The form is the survey you created, and the feature layer will contain all the results of your survey. Next, you'll share the survey to the group you created so all the group members can access the survey and download it to their device.

Share the survey with your group

Next, you'll share the survey so members of your group can access it.

  1. In your content list, check the boxes next to all three Super Tech Now Customer Survey items.
  2. Click Share.

    Three survey items selected and the Share button

    The Share window opens, allowing you to choose the groups to which you want to share the selected items.

  3. Click the Edit group sharing button and in the Group sharing window, check the Super Tech Now Customer Sentiment Survey group.
  4. Click OK and click Save.
  5. On the ribbon, click Groups. Open your survey group.

The web map, feature layer, and survey form items appear in your group Recently added content list. The survey is now available for everyone in your group to download to their mobile device.

Conduct a survey

Previously, you added the finishing touches to your survey and published it. Next, you'll collect some data. First, you'll download your survey to your mobile device using the ArcGIS Survey123 mobile app. Then, you'll conduct test surveys and analyze the results to find patterns among the responses.

Download the app and survey to your device

To conduct the survey, you or anyone with access to the survey (such as those you added to your group in the previous lesson) must download the ArcGIS Survey123 mobile app.

  1. Depending on your mobile device platform, download and install the Survey123 field app from the appropriate app store.
  2. Open the app and sign in using your ArcGIS organizational account.

    The My Surveys gallery appears.


    Depending on your device, you may already be presented with a list of surveys. If so, skip to step 4.

  3. Click Download Surveys.

    Downloading the survey to your device allows you to conduct your questionnaires offline and send the results when you're connected again.

  4. If you already see a list of surveys in the My Surveys gallery, at the top of your device screen, click your profile button, and click Download Surveys.

    Download Surveys in the Profile pane of

  5. Next to Super Tech Now Customer Survey, click the Download button.

    Survey123 mobile app button to download the new survey


    The custom thumbnail image is visible after the survey is downloaded.

  6. When the survey is finished downloading, click the back arrow.

    Survey123 mobile app download complete window

    You are returned to the My Surveys page, and the survey now appears in your gallery.

    Survey123 mobile app My Surveys gallery with new survey


    Depending on your device's settings, you may be asked to allow Survey123 to access your current location. If you decline, you may be asked again in the future. Either way, you can still conduct the survey.

Conduct a series of surveys

With the survey on your device, whether online or offline, you can conduct the questionnaire wherever you need to be. Next, you'll collect some data so that you can compile and analyze the results.

  1. In the gallery, click Super Tech Now Customer Survey.
  2. Click the Collect button.

    Survey123 mobile app collect data button

    Your survey opens.

    Survey123 mobile app live survey

  3. If you're a self-learner, conduct the surveys on your own. If you are in a classroom setting, ask your friends and fellow students to fill out the survey. Conduct at least five surveys.
  4. When each survey is complete, click the check mark in the lower right corner of the screen.

    The Survey Completed window appears, asking if you want to send the information now or later.

    Options for sending completed survey on Survey123 mobile app

  5. If you're connected to the internet, click Send now. If you're offline, click Save this survey in the Outbox.

    The app returns you to the screen with the Collect button. You can conduct another survey or review the data you sent to your organization. A number appears on the Sent icon to show how many surveys you've sent.

  6. Once you've completed at least five surveys, close the app.

Review your data

All of the data you sent to your organization is collected by and accessible through the Survey123 website. Next, you'll use the website to review and study the results of your surveys.

  1. Go to the ArcGIS Survey123 website.
  2. Sign in using your ArcGIS organizational account.

    Super Tech Now Customer Survey is listed in the gallery on the My Surveys page.

  3. Click the Super Tech Now Customer Survey card.

    If you have not collected and sent any survey results, a page opens informing you that there is nothing to review.

    If you've completed a number of surveys, an Overview page opens. In the upper right corner of the page is a toolbar with options for analyzing, sharing, and visualizing survey data.

    The Overview page contains a high-level summary of your survey results. This page shows the total number of records (surveys count), total participants (number of devices conducting surveys), and the start and end times for surveys submitted. You can filter by date range, causing a graph of the number of surveys conducted within that time period to appear.

    Survey123 website Overview page

  4. Click the Collaborate tab.

    The Collaborate page has settings for sharing your survey with your organization.

  5. For Who can submit to this survey, check the box for Members of my organization (your organization).

    Survey123 website collaborate page

  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Click the Analyze tab.

    The Analyze tab contains graphs and tables that show the results of responses to the survey questions.

  8. Scroll through the page to see the results of your surveys.

    Survey123 website Analyze page

  9. Click the Data tab.

    The Data tab contains a map showing the location where each survey was conducted. If you conducted your surveys all in one place, it will be the only location with results. However, when surveys are conducted at different Super Tech Now stores, there will be multiple locations with survey points. This page also contains a table that stores each survey's results.

    Survey123 website data page

    On the Data page, above the map, you can click Export to choose to download your data as various data types. You can open downloaded data in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro and further analyze it using geoprocessing tools and data from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, from publicly available data from ArcGIS Online, or from within your organization.

In this lesson, you built a customer survey from scratch. The Super Tech Now franchise will be able to use this survey alongside maps and geographic analysis to better understand their customer base. It'll also help them make smart decisions about which social media and search engine sites to purchase advertisement space on.

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