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Complete and submit the survey

In the previous lesson, you authored a survey to support the HOA emergency preparedness plan. Now that you've published the survey, you can share it with members of your ArcGIS organization so they can use it and collect some survey data. In this lesson, you'll share your survey so others can access and use it. Then you'll complete the survey in a web browser and using the Survey123 field app.

Share the survey

  1. If necessary, sign in to the Survey123 website using your ArcGIS organizational account to access your surveys.

    The HOA Emergency Preparedness survey that you created appears on the survey gallery page with a thumbnail image and several buttons for working with the survey and collected data.

  2. Point to each button to display their names in a ScreenTip.

    Survey thumbnail and icons

    The Open the survey button on the survey's thumbnail opens the survey in a form that you can complete. The Design, Collaborate, Analyze, and Data buttons are shortcuts to the respective survey tabs. The ellipsis button displays a menu instead of a ScreenTip. The menu includes options to edit the survey's metadata, save a copy of the survey, or delete the survey.

  3. Click the survey's thumbnail icon to open the survey's Overview page.

    Overview page

    The overview page includes the summary that you provided when you created the survey, plus the date that you created it and an indication that the survey is private. Your survey is empty (that is, no one has completed and submitted it yet), so the overview page displays the message, The survey has no records yet. As surveys are completed and submitted, this page will show how many surveys (records) were submitted, how many participants, and a corresponding timeline graph. You'll see this information for your survey after you collect some sample data.

  4. Click the Design tab.

    Design tab

    The Design page should look familiar because this is where you authored the survey earlier.

  5. Click the Collaborate tab.

    On this tab, you decide who can view, access, and work with your survey. You can share your survey with everyone (the public), all members of your ArcGIS organization, or specific groups within your organization. You'll share the survey with members of your organization because you plan to have personnel survey the HOA community.

  6. Check the Members of my organization box.

    Members of my organization


    You can also share surveys with the public so anonymous users can complete and submit surveys.

  7. Click Save.

    This tab also includes links to the survey that you can provide to members after you share the survey. Each link has buttons you can use to copy the URL to your clipboard, scan a QR code to open the survey on your device, and open the survey URL directly. The first link is for web browsers and the second link is for the Survey123 field app. (The Survey123 field app is a component of Survey123 with which you can collect data in the field on a mobile device.)

  8. Click the Analyze tab.

    The Analyze tab reports the results of your collected survey data. This tab is currently empty because no one has completed or submitted your survey yet. You'll return to this tab after you collect sample data.

  9. Click the Data tab.

    On this tab, you can view the individual surveys that participants have submitted. Again, the page is empty because no data has been collected yet.

Open the survey in a web browser

  1. Click the icon next to the Settings tab.

    Survey URL icon

    A link to the survey form appears with buttons to copy the URL or scan its QR code. (This is the same link for web browsers that you saw on the Collaborate tab.) This is another method for accessing the link to open the survey form in a web browser. The buttons offer quick access to share the URL with the public and members of your ArcGIS organization so they can open and complete the survey.

  2. Click the Survey URL link to open the HOA Emergency Preparedness survey.

    The HOA Emergency Preparedness survey opens in a new window.

  3. Complete the survey.
    • Experiment with the answers for Safety check questions 1, 2, 7, and 8 to observe the behavior of their associated related questions.

    For this lesson, you're just collecting sample data, so you can use fictitious information to complete the survey.

    Notice that additional questions appear in the survey when you answer yes to the noted Safety check questions. When you answer no, the related questions don't appear. This behavior demonstrates the smart form validation and logic in Survey123.

  4. When you've completed the survey, click Submit.

    Survey submitted message

    A message appears indicating that your data was sent successfully.

  5. Close the survey window and return to the Survey123 website.

    You've just submitted a survey via the web browser experience. Before you review the data, you'll complete the survey again using the Survey123 field app.

Download the survey in the Survey123 field app

You'll download the Survey123 field app onto your mobile device or computer and use the app to complete the survey. It's recommended that you install the app on a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Depending on your mobile device platform, download and install the Survey123 field app from the appropriate app store.
    • For iOS devices, you can get the app from the iTunes App Store.
    • For Android devices, you can get the app from Google Play.
    • For Windows devices, you can get the app from Windows Store.
    • The Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac versions of the Survey123 field app are available from this website.

    With the Survey123 field app, people who work in the field can download and complete surveys—connected and disconnected environments are both supported. Surveys that are completed when working disconnected can be submitted to ArcGIS later when a network connection is re-established.

    The Survey123 field app may take a few minutes to install. When it completes, you'll see a new Survey123 app icon added to your device.

    Survey123 field app icon

    For the purposes of this lesson, you'll use two different methods to access and open the HOA Emergency Preparedness survey in the Survey123 field app. First, you'll open the survey as a member of your ArcGIS organization.

  2. Select the icon to open the Survey123 field app.

    When you first open the Survey123 app, a splash screen loads prompting you to sign in to your ArcGIS organization.

  3. Select Sign In. In the panel that appears, sign in with your ArcGIS organizational account. (Use the same account that you used earlier.)

    The Survey123 app can sign in and connect to any ArcGIS organization or Portal for ArcGIS (10.4 or later) instance of which you are a member.

    After you've signed in to your ArcGIS organization, the app opens the My Surveys gallery, which displays all the surveys that you're working with in the app. Because this is the first time you've used the app, the gallery appears empty with the message, No surveys on device.

  4. Select Get Surveys.

    The Survey123 app connects to your ArcGIS organization and searches for surveys to which you have access. The Download Surveys page lists the HOA Emergency Preparedness survey that you created in the previous lesson.

  5. Select Download to download the survey into the app.

    Download button

    When the survey download is completed, a notification appears.

    Survey downloaded message

  6. Select OK.
  7. Select Back to return to the My Surveys gallery page.

    Back button

    The HOA Emergency Preparedness survey now appears in the gallery.

    Survey gallery

    Before you open the survey, you'll take a quick tour of the Survey123 field app.

  8. Select the menu button to display the app menu.

    Menu button

    You can choose to download more surveys that you have access to in your ArcGIS organization. You can also configure the app settings, sign out of your account, or learn more about the app.

  9. Select Settings.

    Settings panel

    On this panel, you can change various configuration settings for the app. Different properties are available for configuration: Text, Portals, Location, Storage, and Diagnostics.

  10. Select Diagnostics.

    In some instances, you may want to generate log files for troubleshooting purposes. You can activate the logging property to create logs that are stored locally. A red icon indicates that logging is disabled, and a green icon indicates that logging is enabled. You can also delete submitted surveys.

  11. Select Back twice to return to the My Surveys gallery page.

Open the survey in the field app

  1. Select the survey to open it in the app.

    HOA Emergency Preparedness survey

    The HOA Emergency Preparedness survey opens, and you can start to collect data by selecting Collect at the bottom of the screen.


    The menu button on the survey page is specific to the survey. In this case, if you display the menu, you'll see the option to delete the survey from the app.

  2. Select Collect to start the survey.

    Survey questions

  3. Complete the survey.
  4. After you've completed the survey, select the green check mark at the bottom of the app.

    Green check mark

    The Survey Completed message appears with three options.

    Survey Completed message

    You can submit the survey later (in which case, a copy is saved in the app), submit the survey now, or continue working on the survey. If you were working in a disconnected environment without Internet access, you wouldn't be able to submit the survey, so you'd choose to submit the survey later. You could still continue working in the field and collecting survey data, and you'd submit the completed surveys later when you have an Internet connection.

  5. Select Send Later.

    Collect and Outbox buttons

    A new Outbox icon appears on the survey page indicating that you have a completed survey that's ready to be submitted.

  6. Select Collect and complete another survey with varied answers.
  7. When you finish the survey, select Send Now.

    The Survey123 app submits both surveys to ArcGIS Online. The Sent icon has a number that indicates the number of surveys sent.

    Sent icon

  8. Select Sent.

    List of submitted surveys

    The app lists all the submitted surveys, with a timestamp for when each survey was completed. You can click one of the submitted surveys to re-open it, change some responses, and resubmit the survey if necessary. You can also remove the submitted surveys from the app by selecting Empty.

    You want to analyze the survey results and available reports in the Survey123 website, so you need a good sample data set. You'll need at least six to eight submitted surveys.

  9. Complete and submit five more HOA Emergency Preparedness surveys using either the Survey123 app or opening the survey in a web browser. Try to vary your responses with each survey.

    Alternatively, you could ask other members of your ArcGIS organization to complete and submit the HOA survey.

In this lesson, you had a quick tour of some of the functionality in the Survey123 website, and you used the Survey123 field app. You collected a sample set of survey results by completing and submitting the HOA Emergency Preparedness survey several times using the Survey123 field app and opening the survey in a web browser. In the next lesson, you'll analyze your survey results.