Add layers and create a map

You lead the Park Infrastructure Team for your town and are launching an asset inventory project. You need to quickly create a map that your team can use to collect information, such as park amenities, paths, and boundaries. You’ll use Field Maps Designer to create the map and layers needed for your project.

Create the map and layers

To start the project, you will create a web map and layers that field workers will use to capture data.

  1. Browse to the Field Maps Designer home page and click Sign in. Sign into your ArcGIS account credentials.

    Once you sign in, the Maps page appears displaying all the maps you own or have privileges to edit. You will create a map that you will use in the tutorial.

    Maps page


    The maps shown in the example will be different than the ones you see on your Maps page.

  2. Click the New map button.

    New map button

    The New map page appears with on-screen instructions to help guide you through the map creation process. Next, you'll define the layers used for data collection.

    Start by creating a layer steps

  3. On the Create layers tab, for Layer name, replace Layer_1 with Amenities. Keep the default Point layer type.

    Name the layer and set its type.


    To learn about the different layer types and when to use them, click the Information button next to the Layer types drop-down menu.

    Next, you'll add three more layers to store other park features.

  4. Click the Add button three times to add three more layers.

    Three more layers added

  5. For these layers, enter the following information:

    Layer nameLayer type


    Line layer


    Polygon layer


    Point layer

    The names and types of the layers you want to add are complete.

    Properties for all layers

  6. Click the Next button.

    The Layer settings tab appears asking you questions about the type of GPS receiver being used and if you will be modeling 3D spaces. Neither are relevant for the map you're creating, so you can leave each one disabled.

  7. On the Layer settings tab, click Next.

    The Title and save tab appears.

  8. On the Title and save tab, for Map title, type Park Asset Inventory and add your name or initials to the end.

    Optionally, you can change the Feature layer title. The feature layer is the item in ArcGIS Online that contains all of the layers you added to the map. The default title is the layer name for the first layer you added.

  9. For Folder, click the drop-down menu and choose Create new folder.

    Create new folder

  10. Name the folder Park Inventory and click the check mark.

    New folder name

    The map and layers will be saved to the folder that you specify. You are now ready to create the map.

    Map properties

  11. Review all the information you've provided by clicking the Back button.
  12. Return to the Title and save page and click Create map.

    Create map button

The map and layers are created, saved, and added as items to your organization. Once created, the map opens to the Forms page where you can build the forms used for data collection. To learn how to build a form, see the next tutorial in the series, Build a form with Field Maps Designer.