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Over the course of their adventure, Lucy, Oliver, and Moe the Parrot will need your help navigating South America! Put your skills to the test by working through the Missions from the book.


Help the Locators Save Jaguars in South America

Help Lucy, Oliver, and Moe the Parrot find and protect jaguars in the Amazon in this fun, hands-on adventure where you'll learn how to think spatially and use technology like a Locator.

Join the Locators for an adventure in the Amazon

The Locators: Adventure in South America

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The Locators are on the job! A group of kids solving problems in the world using maps, technology, and spatial thinking, the Locators are determined to help those who need it. After crash landing in the Amazon during their first mission, Lucy, Oliver, and Moe the Parrot embark on an exciting adventure through South America. It’s up to Lucy and her friends to find and protect several endangered species that are in immediate jeopardy. From rockslides in the Andes mountains to volcano eruptions in the Galapagos Islands, the team experiences it all as they rush to complete their mission in time. Will you help them succeed? Full of fun, full-color illustrations, activities, and tons of facts about endangered species, habitats, and more, this adventure keeps kids interested and makes learning easy.

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